Preserving investments since 1995


We mentioned preservation. And with preservation comes responsibility ... responsibility to the world we live in. Unless you're in the air, you can't see a roof. However the sun sees it for over half the year and that's where preservation steps in.

Energy ... the hot topic of the world today. Why not save energy and your investment with one step ... THE GREEN ROOF! Well, it's actually white, but we call it green like money. Money is that stuff you paid and keep on paying for your investment.

And that's where Commercial Roofing Group comes in. We preserve your money and the earth at the same time. We protect and preserve your investment.

And that's all we do ... nothing else. We do one thing and one thing only ... we replace roofs.

Experts in replacement


For almost 20 years we have been the choice of informed owners and managers nationwide. With extensive knowledge of roofing types and the experience of having dealt with every known roofing issue, we have become subject matter experts in the business of roof replacement.

No-one (and we mean no-one) has a better knowledge of the issues associated with roof replacement. From our project managers to our installation teams, we pride ourselves on delivering the right roofing solution to our clients at a price and performance level that consistently achieves their cost and time-scale requirements.


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You have a friend in the business ...

Commercial Roofing Group is there for you when you need us. At the moment you feel like you are drowning in roofing issues, we are there to lend a hand. It's a basic part of our credo ... being there when needed.

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Commercial Roofing Group is based from our Atlanta offices at:

Address: 4328 Brogdon Place Cove, Suwanee, GA 30024
Telephone: 770-883-7000